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What You Focus On Grows...

Singers... You know how it is, when you first fall in love with someone and all you see is their good bits and how wonderful they are?

Of course no one is perfect but at the beginning of a relationship, our partner's good points take up all of our focus, so we don't even notice their faults.

Unfortunately, this doesn't usually last...

As time passes, those cute little habits and quirks that were 'oh so adorable' in the beginning, start to become irritating and before you know it, your partner's good bits are no longer your main focus.  Even if they're AMAZING 80% of the time, if the 20% not so good times are what you spend most of your time thinking and complaining about, the 20% becomes the 80%...

Why am I telling you this?

Because, the same is true for your singing...

If you spend all of your time focusing on what you hate about your voice, telling yourself how rubbish you are and complaining about your lack of ability, you'll never improve...

...In fact, I'll bet your technique deteriorates as your confidence plummets.

No, I'm not suggesting that you're unrealistic about your voice or ability, telling yourself you're amazing when your audience is covering their ears but what I am suggesting you do is learn to listen to yourself objectively!

The best way to do this is to get used to hearing and watching yourself...

...For most people, the idea of watching themselves singing or listening back to a recording of themselves feels torturous but it's vital to improving as a singer.

Imagine a dancer improving or performing to the best of their ability without ever using a mirror to practice?

How then do you expect yourself to improve and sing to your full potential if you never watch or listen back to yourself singing?

There is no magic quick fix, the key is to just take the plunge and hit record... Yep, right now on your 'phone/iPad or any other device you choose to use!  

The more you hear your voice and watch yourself, the more you WILL get used to it.

Once you get past the initial crippling and agonising feeling of 'this is horrendous', grab a pen and paper and as you listen, write down what you don't like about your voice...

...The key is to be SPECIFIC.

Don't just say "I sound terrible" write down WHY you're not happy with the way you sound.  Do you think your
head voice is weak?  Does it sound out of tune?  Does your voice sound shaky?  

Now, it's just as important to listen again and write down what you DO LIKE about your voice!

This step is usually much harder but it's just as important so push yourself and aim to write down as many positive points as you can.  Be patient and kind to yourself and if you feel your inner critic going into overdrive, imagine how you'd offer feedback to a friend or a child.

Once you've done this, you can look at your list and come up with some specific goals.  If you think your voice sounds weak, one of your goals could be to strengthen your voice.  Likewise, if you like the way your voice sounds when you sing low notes, one of your goals might be to develop that strength throughout your range.

Now that you have clear goals to work toward, alongside an acknowledgement and appreciation of your strengths, you are equipped with an empowered mindset and clear view of how you want to improve.

Remember "If I can see it, than I can do it"...

So what are you waiting for?  There's no time like the present :)

Until next time,

Karen x

About Karen

Karen is a vocal coach & 2x top 5 Billboard charting & BBC Radio play listed independent artist. 

She has played at some of the best venues in the world including The Isle Of Wight Festival, Bluebird Cafe Nashville, Hammersmith Apollo, Royal Albert Hall, supporting & working with an elite roster of the industry's finest artists, writers & producers, including Hans Zimmer, Robbie Williams, Ollie Murs, Mike & The Mechanics & Girls Aloud.

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