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How To Sing High Notes With Ease & Smooth Out Unwanted Breaks...

Your larynx (also know as your voice box & Adam's apple) is the lumpy hard thing that moves when you swallow & yawn. It has 3 important jobs & singing/speech comes in last!

Mistakes Can Be The Best Part Of Your GIG!

As singers, we tend to place immense pressure on ourselves to be 'perfect' but guess what?

There's NO SUCH thing!

Should you or shouldn't you sing with a cold? PART 1

As a singer/coach I get asked this question all the time. The best defence that you have against colds is to be as healthy as you can be...

Should you or shouldn't you sing with a cold? PART 2

So, it’s the day of your big gig & you wake up with a bad cold feeling terrible…

How To Avoid DAMAGING your voice permanently!

You know that feeling when you’re singing a tough song or you’re singing in front of people at a gig & you’re nervous...

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