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To Be Or Not To Be...

'Let's talk about it'...

I'm sure you've heard the phrase, 'You need to learn to walk before you can learn to run' well I'm gonna say, you need to learn to speak your songs before you sing them.

...Speaking your songs is a great way of developing your dynamics, expression, energy changes, breath management & emotional connection. 

Start by reading through your lyrics & answer these questions:

📌What's the story?

📌What's the emotion of the song?  Happy, sad, angry etc...

📌How do the lyrics make you feel?

📌Who is the character singing the song?

📌Who are you singing it to?

📌Where do you see you character singing it?  Face to face, writing a letter, across the room etc?

📌Are you pleading with someone, sobbing, shouting, seducing them etc?

Once you have a real sense of the story & feel connected to the lyrics, highlight a word or two in each line of that really have meaning to you...  

Now read your lyrics aloud like you'd read a monologue in an audition for a TV show.  The energy level should be conversational & intimate but your performance should still be moving & dynamic.  Film your performance & keep working on it until you're happy.

Once you're happy, increase the energy level.  Now I'd like you to imagine that you're auditioning or performing on a small stage.  Your movements should be a little bigger, your articulation should be clearer & you should be a bit louder.  To achieve an increase in volume whilst avoiding straining your voice, I would recommend you try adding some twang to your tone. Again, film your performance & work on it until you're happy with it.

Lastly, I'd like you to imagine you're a Shakespearean actor performing in a Greek amphitheatre.  Increase your energy, body movements, acting & open your mouth a little wider.  Really imagine that the people on the top row need to see, hear & feel your performance.  Focus on your articulation, support & resonance whilst staying relaxed & loose taking care not to strain your voice.  Film your performance & work on it until you're happy.

Now you're ready for the real thing...

...Whether you're going for a low level intimate performance or a belt Celine would be proud of, make sure you take all of your dynamics, connection, intimacy, intensity, acting & support from the previous speaking exercises with you & remember to allow yourself to experiment & have fun with the process 😍

About Karen

Karen is a vocal coach & 2x top 5 Billboard charting & BBC Radio play listed independent artist. 

She has played at some of the best venues in the world including The Isle Of Wight Festival, Bluebird Cafe Nashville, Hammersmith Apollo, Royal Albert Hall, supporting & working with an elite roster of the industry's finest artists, writers & producers, including Hans Zimmer, Robbie Williams, Ollie Murs, Mike & The Mechanics & Girls Aloud.

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