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How To Sing With Power Part 2

What does singing with power look like to you?  

Do you associate powerful singing with more volume?  

To me, true power is the ability to sing with intensity, freedom, control, connection, ease & confidence 🤩

When I think of my heroes, ladies like Tina Turner and Celine Dion it’s not their volume that I’d like to emulate it’s the Amazonian, Wonder Woman like feminine strength and power oozing from them that I’d like to bring to my singing and performances...

These women exude confidence, and they look like they belong on stage, their presence, their posture, their stance, their intensity, connection and ability to submit and surrender to the music and story, to carry me off somewhere else with them has always inspired me and that is what true power as a singer/performer is all about!

I’d like you to go to YouTube and spend some time watching your heroes/heroines perform live…. Ideally, you want to watch them on a TV with the sound turned up so you can really get into their performances…

Then try watching with the sound switched off, that way you'll really get to see what you like about their physical presentation 😍

Write in your journal the qualities these singers have that you’d like to emulate.

Here’s a few questions for you to consider:

1. How to do they stand?

2. What’s their posture like?

3. What do they do with their hands?

4. Do they look relaxed?

5. How do they talk to the audience?

6. Do they involve the audience in their performance?

7. Do they dance or walk around stage?

8. Do they look like they’re having fun?

9. Are they playing with a band?

10. Do they play an instrument?

11. Do they interact with other band members or dancers on stage?

12. What are they wearing?

13. Do they close their eyes?

14. Where do they look?

Once you’ve done this, I’d like to encourage you to create a dream board/mood board of qualities you’d like to bring to yourself as an artist, performer and singer.

Put your dream board up somewhere where you can see it every day and use it when you visualise yourself singing and performing 🙌 💖
This Is Not To Be Skipped...

Singers... You'll often hear people talk about the importance of mastering your breathing for awesome singing but in my opinion, it's just as important to master excellent posture/body alignment when you're singing.

In short, if your body isn’t aligned properly your singing will suffer...

...When your skeleton is out of alignment, muscles normally required for movement are required to support & stabilise the skeletal system. This in turn can cause tension where we don’t want tension & can restrict our lung capacity.  

You need to have your weight evenly distributed over these 5 Key points in the body to achieve correct body alignment:

📌 Head - For optimal singing, you want to tilt your head down slightly like you’re reading a book this will help free the infrastructure of your larynx.

📌 Shoulders - Check in with your shoulders give them a roll, don’t pull them back too far (this will curve your spine) & don’t allow them to roll forward in a slouch.

📌 Pelvis - We want a straight back with our pelvis aligned underneath our hips (don’t stick your bum out or forward). Roll your pelvis back & forward to find neutral. This will enable our abdominal & back muscles to move freely when we inhale. Stand against a wall & try tipping your pelvis forward so that there are no gaps between your back & the wall.
Don’t allow your rib cage to expand & collapse as you breathe in & out.  

📌 Knees - You want loose knees, they don't have to be bent, just not locked back.

📌 Feet - Your feet want to be about shoulder width apart, wiggle your toes, take your weight forward & back then come to the middle & ground yourself by imagining roots growing from your feet deep into the Earth.

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